Feminist literature

I have set out to read a fair amount of old so-called feminist classics and then some of the new literature written by new feminist talents. (I must admit that I have not taken any further position here on whether we are talking about first, second, third or even fourth generation feminists).

My interest is, of course, due to a general curiosity to find out what it is that everyone is talking about. But I must also be honest in saying that I would like to be able to challenge many of the wry younger women you often meet at dinner parties by actually having read – often in opposition to themselves – some of all the books they refer to.

Here, then, are two of the latest books I’ve been reading here in the last two weeks:

Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

Cecilie Lind – Girl Beast

Both books are recommended. They are also quick reads :-).

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