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While reading the news on Danish VoIP service provider, Vopium to offer the first WiFi calling app for Blackberry I noticed in passing that Vopium is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris exchange. This might not be news to other people but to me this is a pleasant surprise, as to my knowledge it is the first Danish startup that has used NYSE Euronext Paris exchange as means for obtaining capital and giving investors liquidity.

According to the Danish company info service, BIQ, Vopium was founded in April 2006 by among others Tanveer Sharif. Tanveer is also the current CEO of Vopium. My personal connection to Vopium was that I assisted Tanveer Sharif and Imran Sadiq in their initial efforts back then in raising seed capital for Vopium.

The current chairman of the board at Vopium is Christian Eyde Møller who has extensive experience within the telco industry, among other things as president at TDC Total Solutions and Global President for Sprint.

The amount of information you get on Vopium’s listing at the NYSE Euronext website is not impressive which might of course be due to lack of skills on my behalf in navigating the site. It seems that Vopium was listed in December 2008 and that its shares has fluctuated at the highest initially in January 2009 at a share price of EUR 1.2 to the lowest point in March 2010 at EUR 0.4 to the last available quote in April/May 2011 at about EUR 0.75. It is not clear why there are no price quotes available from after date.

I cannot find at the NYSE Euronext website any company news but nevertheless the company is listed as having an impressive capitalisation at EUR 17,750,882.

It would be interesting to learn from Vopium’s experience whether listing at the NYSE Euronext Paris exchange is a variable way for raising money for Danish startups. Hopefully more to follow on this.


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