Erik Damgaard sells shares in 7N A/S

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7N logo

On 20 September 2011 it was announced that the investment company owned by Erik Damgaard, Erik Damgaard Portefølje Invest A/S, had sold its shareholdings of 7N A/S. 7N A/S is a Danish IT freelance consultancy and education firm with more than 20 years’ experience on the market for complex system development.

Erik Damgaard, the developer and founder of Damgaard Data (later Navision A/S) who became a billionaire when Navision A/S was sold to Microsoft has through his investment company owned 40 % of 7N A/S. His shareholdings have been acquired by a number of key employees in 7N A/S. After the sale, shares in the company are held by these key employees and by the CEO, Lars Wørzner who owns 6 % of the company shares, and the main shareholder and chairman of the board, Jeppe Hedaa, who owns 55 % of the shares.

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