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A few days ago I reached a milestone in my life with music in digital format. Since I registered an account at Last.fm in 2004, I have now listened to more than 100.000 tracks of music. (Well, some of the tracks are Economist podcast articles and a lot of the music tracks I didn’t really listen to, as they were just running in the background).


Whereas, Last.fm has been a regular part of my life since 2004, primarily due to increasing options to scrobble tracks from an ever changing slate of new gadgets and applications, my favorite music applications have changed. For a long time I used iTunes for everything related to music consumption. Today, I never used iTunes for playing music tracks. Since 2009, I reckon, I have used almost excklusive Spotify. Nowadays, the only use I have for iTunes is to transfer podcasts to my Apple gadgets due to the SW/HW lock-in.

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