Denmark Pretends MSOOXML Already an "Open Standard" and Mandates a Trial of ODF/MSOOXML

It seems that some people has seen through the ill-disguised attempt by the Danish government to secure Microsoft dominance in the Danish public sector:

Denmark Pretends MSOOXML Already an “Open Standard” and Mandates a Trial of ODF/MSOOXML: “Denmark has announced that open standards are going to be a requirement going forward there, starting in January, which is being hailed as a great step forward for openness. However, if you look closely, you will see that it is pretending that MSOOXML has already been approved as an open standard, equivalent to ODF. ODF is already an ISO approved standard. MSOOXML is not. It was specifically disapproved, and the next meeting will be in February, which is after the January starting date in Denmark. In short, Denmark simply doesn’t care about ISO approval.

Denmark ranks the two as the same, and mandates a trial of both. I wonder what the outcome of that trial will be? Why even bother to pretend?”

(Via GrokLaw.)

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