Vilhelm meets Bionicle game makers


Often it is not easy to impress a 7 years old kid with what his father is doing for a living. I struggle to explain what I do as lawyer (I would probably have a hard time explaining that to a lot of other people too). Usually, my fall back solution is to tell him that i make money from reading and sending e-mails to people.

But today I managed to get Vilhelm’s full attention. At the Danish yearly fair for entreprenuership “Ivaerk07” I met with Søren and Jacob Møller of Kiloo:

Kiloo develops and publishes high-quality games for a broad range of mobile phones. In 2002, Kiloo beat out more than 500 competitors to win the prestigious Nokia Mobile Challenge, in the Entertainment category, for its Popstar application, based on a “Tamagotchi™” -like concept.

When Vilhelm learned that the Kiloo guys worked with LEGO to develop mobil games for the Bionicle product line, he suddenly became very interested. He did not fail to mention druly to me, however, “So dad, I don’t see why these guys need to read your e-mails to do the Bionicle stuff” Neither do I, actually 🙂

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