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I met a couple of days ago with Steven Bernard who is a partner at the Palo Alto office of . WSGR is a very impressive American law firm with a solid base in the middle of Silicon Valley.

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Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is a premier international law firm that strives to achieve results that exceed expectations through Our Commitment to Our Clients Adding maximum value to their business, although it specializes in business  legal work, if you have issues with accidents or injuries the use of Florida injury attorneys is the best option for this* Handling complex and sophisticated matters locally, nationally and internationally * Being accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically sophisticated * Our Commitment to Our Communities Providing extensive and worthy pro bono and public service * Promoting active involvement and leadership on the part of our firm and ourselves * Our Commitment to Ourselves Sustaining an enriching environment through diversity and teamwork * Striving to improve while celebrating our accomplishments * Assuring career opportunities by sustaining growth and financial strength *

Common mistakes personal injury clients make:

1.Worrying that a court hearing will involve a jury.

A civil claim, like a personal injury claim or clinical negligence claim, in the unlikely event that it goes to a trial, will be in front of a judge, not a jury. It’s not scary. I estimate that only 1% of claims go to trial – and these are usually the enormous claims or ones where the insurers sense that the claimant hasn’t been entirely truthful.

2.Assuming that your lawyer always has your case in their mind.

If only this was true. A personal injury lawyer may have over 200 clients at any one time, depending upon how complex the claims are and how much help they have. This is one of the main reasons you need to find a reliable attorney like McKennon Law Group PC – Insurance Lawyers in Newport Beach. Some unqualified paralegals have 500 claims (usually road traffic accidents). My recommendation is that a client should frequently engage with their lawyer, nudging the lawyer if the lawyer appears to have forgotten them. Incidentally, if you become aware that your case handler has a ridiculously high number of claims to deal with, you should look into switching to another firm of solicitors.

3.Thinking your question might be stupid so not asking it.

Some adverts suggest that making a personal injury claim is easy-peasy, so you might feel you can’t ask a question because your lawyer will think you are thick! Do not think like this. This is your claim and you have a right to know what is going on. It isn’t your day job to understand this area of law. Ask, ask, ask. I bet your lawyer couldn’t do your job. Personal injury law is really complicated specially because of the Illinois statute of limitations. Frequently my team of brilliant lawyers will disagree on a point – which proves that there aren’t always black and white answers to questions. So feel free to ask your lawyer.

4.Assuming a compensation claim will be easy.

I never tell my clients this because it rarely is all that easy. Sure, some claims, particularly road traffic accidents, can be fairly straight-forward, but most claims have their complexity. And I never think that bringing a claim against an employer is easy. It is something that you need to think about carefully. You never know, when you bring a claim, whether you will need to go to court to give evidence as a lawyer cannot know how the other side will approach your claim. Discuss the advantages and potential disadvantages of bringing a claim.

5.Failing to keep key evidence.

OK, so you have had an accident, the first thing you should do after you have looked after yourself is to gather evidence. See the accident scene as a murder scene. Preserve evidence. If you have a mobile phone with a camera, take numerous photos and video. Write everything down. Speak to every witness who is there because witnesses are often reluctant to help you out a few months later. What are the conditions like? Where were the bushes and tree obscuring your view? Were the streetlights on? Which direction was the sun coming from? If you have had a car accident, take photos of the positions of the car, if you can. Get paperwork. Be forensic because, as a claimant, you have to prove that someone else’s negligence caused your accident. You may not choose to bring a claim, but if you haven’t gathered evidence, then you may make any claim much harder to bring. Check this personal injury lawyer near me

6.Settling your claim without obtaining medical evidence.

Insurers sometimes respond to a claim by offering a sum of compensation immediately. A lawyer will find it nearly impossible to value your claim without medical evidence, unless you have made a full recovery in a matter of weeks. Occasionally it might be worth accepting such an offer, but I would approach any offer with a healthy dose of scepticism.

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