Sophisticated phising attack

Today, I received this as what appeared as an innocent and plausible e-mail. It was only when I checked the URL ( that I understood that this was a fraud. It is incredible how clever cybercriminals are becoming!

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  1. Kasper Retvig avatar

    Hi Martin

    Now is it me or is this phising attack missing an important part?

    As far as I can see they are not asking you to give up any of your information, e.g. credit card.

    It sounds like it an bogus e-mail, but the familiar link “just click here to enter your credit card information and we’ll send your iPod right over” is missing.

    Or am I missing something?


  2. Mikkel avatar

    Did you receive this after actually placing an order? Where do the Your Account etc. links point to?

  3. Martin avatar

    It is a PDF copy of a HTML page with plenty of embedded links to lead you to webpages where you will be asked to submit all sorts of personal information, including credit card info.

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