The art of Muzak

Those of you who has visited Copenhagen might have heard the piano playing of Yul Anderson while strolling up and down Koebmagergade on a Saturday. I have lived in that area for at least 20 years of my life. And for as long as I remember, Yul Anderson has sat there Saturdays playing his improvisational style on his old upright piano.

I am sad to say, his music really annoys me. I think he is just a pale imitator of Keith Jarrett when Jarrett is doing his Køln Concert, Vienna Concert thing. Yul Anderson’s music reminds of the background music that you hear in supermarkets and fine restaurants in american 70-80’s soaps like Dallas and Dynasty. That is muzak and consumer music. But then again musical taste is as subjective as any and who am I to declare something for art and other things for not-art!

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