Denmark bottoms out in Firefox adoption

This is exactly why supporting the recent initiative (in Danish) by Morten Helveg Petersen, MP from the SocialLiberals, to demand that the Danish public sector adopt an open standard policy is so important.

Denmark bottoms out in Firefox adoption: “

Firefox market share in DKAccording to XiTiMonitor, the European average for Firefox adoption is the best in the world with around 20%. Front-runner countries like Finland does even better with 38%. But the numbers for Denmark are as disappointing as can be. With just 10%, we’re ranking third to last in a list of 32. Roughly half the adoption of our friends in Sweden.

To anyone paying attention to governmental and bank policies, this should hardly come as a surprise, though. The last couple of years is fraught with embarrassments of discrimination and bias from public web projects. From the university application portal to my own bank to videos on the public TV station, Internet Explorer continues to reign supreme or exclusive in the mind of decision makers.

So its no surprise that Firefox’s market share is abysmal in Denmark compared to the rest of Europe. It must surely be one of the favorite nations on the globe in Redmond. What an accomplishment.

(Via Loud Thinking.)

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