Farewell to the Simple Society, Ole Grünbaum

Thomas does a great job at summarizing this presentation by Danish author Ole Grünbaum. Here is my “review” of Ole’s latest book.

Farewell to the Simple Society, Ole Grünbaum: “

This is an attempt of a transcript of Ole Grünbaum’s talk, ‘Farewell to the Simple Society’ adressed to the FDIH general meeting march 30th 2005. I’m blogging it because if think he makes an interesting point – not because i totally belive what he says. As always it’s a simplified narrative to fit a talk or a book. Also it can be said that’s it’s writing to prove your own points 40 years ago and how they we’re right – at least that was the initial reacting by some of the older people hearing his talk. I’m not sure that’s his intention though. My biggest critisism would be that the Danish 60’s movement definately meant a lot, but it was the personal computer movement that grew out of California that ended being the vehicle for the change – i don’t remember a lot of progressives from 1968 starting personal computer companies 😉

(Via CommonMe.)

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