Greece wins the EURO 2004 football championship

I can’t help this satirical note in continuation of some public remarks made by the Greek prime minister Costas Karamanlis in connection of the Greek triumph in the Euro 2004 final.

He was quoted as saying something along the lines that the 11 football players had shown how far the Greek nation could go, if they acted together. However, Mr. Karamanlis neglected to mention that the coach of the Greek team is in fact a German and that the football world to a large extent has credited the Greek victory to the discipline and organisation imposed on the team by Otto Rehhagel, the German coach. So to bring a logical conclusion to the Greek prime minister’s analogy, if the Greeks want to acheive results at the national level comparable to the results of its national football team, the best idea would be to submit to German authority. But I am sure that was not what Mr. Karamanlis meant…

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