New project: The GPL with comments

For a period I have wondered if I should undertake to write another book on an IT-law related issue and the case of yes which should be the topic. Everyone who has written something amounted to just a smaller volume of a book would probably agree that it is extremely time consuming and at times – maybe almost always – a tortuous affair. My last project – Internet Law, second edition – was no exception to this rule! So it has taken me a lot of thought to dare to venture into another writing project.

Now I am considering taking on writing together with Peter Toft – a Danish Linux sage – to examine the GPL from a legal and technical angle and synthesize this to a legal commentary on the GPL. Such a book would – if we succeed in making it useful – provide an important tool for all those business that are trying to make sense of using GPL’ed software in their business often in combination with closed-source software.

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