What horrible experience!

After almost 7 weeks offline my weblog is finally accessible again!

I never thought that I was to experience such lousy customer service as the service that TDC has provided these last weeks. Maybe this would have been the case in the old USSR but clearly not in a modern economy where IT is pervasive as in the Danish. But I was in for a unpleasant surprise.

Admittedly, it all started when we at the law firm had forgotten to pay an invoice for my home ISDN connection. I received a letter from TDC saying that they would close down my ISDN service, if the outstanding invoice was not paid before a certain deadline.

I called TDC and finally got round to someone that told that if I paid the invoice the next day at a TDC office in the center of Copenhagen and faxed to her the receipt, my service would remain open. My wife accordingly went to the office the next day, paid the invoice and faxed in the invoice. Nevertheless, TDC the very same day closed my ISDN connection, my ADSL link and my Internet account, regardless of the fact that the overdue invoice had been paid and that all invoices regarding my ADSL link and my Internet account was not overdue!

Then start weeks of endlessly being put on hold at TDC customer services and of being transferred from one person to another within TDC. First we are told that opening up the ISDN connection will take two weeks. After two weeks and the ISDN connection has been reestablished, we are told that opening up the ADSL link will take another two weeks.

After these two weeks there is still no ADSL link. Something apparently does not work. We have to find out ourselves and call in a consultant from outside. Finally, the ADSL link works. But now we need to have the permanent IP address replaced that TDC also has disabled after originally terminating the ISDN connecting. Giving us a new permanent IP address takes another two weeks!

What amazes me most is that nobody within TDC seems to know what the other is doing. You are endlessly transferred from one employee to another who each has completely diverging opinions about what the status may be or even about whether you are a “business customer” or a “private customer”. Nobody seems to have access to the same data.

My wife and I estimate to have spend around 24 hours on the phone talking to TDC representatives who are all very “correct” and polite but seem to have extremely little influence on what is happening.

What TDC is doing is a disgrace to the concept of customer service. It is adding insult to injury that you as a customer are exposed to TDC’s expensive marketing campaigns in the media, and for the people that suffer from physical injury they can use attorneys from The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC. Instead of trying to lure new customers into the house, TDC should concentrate on providing an acceptable level of customer service to their existing customers.

PS. Some visitors to my weblog might however thank TDC for giving them a long break 🙂

  1. henrik avatar

    En lang smøre som viser at man ikke skal lade amatører rode med teknikken selv. I øvrigt en udbredt tendens i Danmark. OS med uddannelser og kompetencer kan ikke finde job fordi virksomheder og private fusker sig igennem med hjemmestrikkede og halvgjorte løsninger.
    Som Hans Henrik fremfører kan det betale sig at betale sine regninger!

  2. Martin von Haller Grønbæk avatar

    Nu skyldtes min manglende Internet adgang slet ikke, at jeg havde rodet med teknikken selv. Problemet var heller ikke, at jeg ikke havde betalt en regning. Problemet bestod alene i, at TDC ikke er i stand til at levere en bare minimal kunde service for kunder, der fĂĄr problemer.

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