Politics of Code.

I spent Thursday 6 February 2003 in the Debating Chamber at the Oxford attending the conference The Politics of Code: Shaping the Future of the Next Internet organized by the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, and the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. Among the speakers were Lawrence Lessig and Esther Dyson .

Besides getting a solid injection of fresh ideas and inspiration on how to think about regulating the Internet, I came away from the conference more optimistic than pessimistic regarding the outcome of the clash over the future Internet between big corporations (and government) control freaks and “the rest of us”, the user or the “public interest”. The pendulum is starting to swing in the direction of the Internet reclaiming its position as the ultimate public good. A lot of good people devote their efforts to this end and politicians will realize this if not sooner then later.

Press coverage from the conference: From the Register: Dyson cleans out her closet.

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