Upside. I have been

Upside. I have been a subscriber to Upside Magazine since 1999 and I have seen the magazine being slimmed down to the mere 80 pages of the September 2002 edition from being a fat plus 200 pages magazine back in its dotcom heydays. However, Upside Magazine has gradually developed its style and substance since the first edition was printed back in 1989. It takes time for a magazine like any other business to mature and achieve the staying power that (hopefully) will see Upside Magazine through these dire times for the IT-publishing industry.

The lesson here, as I see it, is that in order to survive in the new economy you have to build for the long term too. You have to be ready for the long hard haul. Just as was the case in the old economy, any new company cannot be designed from scratch top-down to perform perfectly from day one. Today as always, an entrepreneur must respect the old virtues of building value over time.

Admitted, once in a while I forget why I subscribe to Upside Magazine. But then suddenly, I read a couple of articles that to me justify the full subscription price, such as Capital Quest and VC Metamorphosis.

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