IT-security. On 19 September 2002

IT-security. On 19 September 2002 I will give a speech on liability towards third parties for “bad” IT-security with respect your own or your company’s or organizations’ IT-system, web-sites etc. on a conference dealings with issues of IT-security. The speech will based on an article Den Uforsvarlige Netværksadministrator. Medvirkens- eller undladelsesansvar ved utilstrækkelig IT-sikkerhed (The Negligent Networksadministrator) that I co-authored last year with Bill Reilly. Is it time for networked companies to start suing each other to secure the Internet? The article addresses the potential liability that companies may face to those harmed by the negligent operation of their networks that cause harm to others. The article was published in Revision & Regnskabsvæsen 12/2001 p. 22-24.

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