Gadget galore! Whenever I

Gadget galore! Whenever I am in the US I have to buy a new toy. My latest Gadget is the PenCam 2 fra Aiptek Technologies. The PenCam is both at Digital Camera (In high resolution, I can take up to 26 snapshots. In low resolution up to 107, a Digital Camcorder (I can take up to 7 seconds of full live motion video. In low resolution, I can take up to 20 seconds of full live motion video) and PC Camera (I attach the camera to my system using an USB cable. Then I can open any of the normal video-based programs like Microsoft NetMeeting to use the PenCam as a PC camera).

What am I going to use this gadget for? Don’t know! I will figure out something. Actually, I will use it at the upcoming PC Forum 2002 conference to take pictures from sessions and meetings and put the on this weblog 🙂

Below are my first pictures. Rather bad quality it seems. I will have to work on the settings of the camera!

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