(left to right: Peter

(left to right: Peter Toft, Eric S. Raymond and Peter Møller Christensen)

(left to right: Knud Erik Hansen, Kim Østrup, Mads Bryde Andersen, Allan Jensen, Michael Reich, Børge Klit Johansen, Jesper Laisen, Søren Alain Mortensen, Jan Trzaskowski, Peter Toft, Eric S. Raymond, Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Peter Møller Christensen, Thomas Mygdal-Madsen)

Open source meeting with Eric S. Raymond. This evening vonhaller lawfirm together with SSLUG hosted an informal dinner with Eric Raymond. Eric is known as the editor of The New Hacker’s Dictionary. But it’s his paper “The Cathedral and the Bazaar,” published on his Web site and passed around the Net, that is making industry headlines. The document’s argument for open software development convinced Jim Barksdale to release Netscape’s browser source code to the world. Now Raymond has become an unofficial spokesperson for the open-source development philosophy. Thousands of programmers working together to improve code “is intrinsically superior to the commercial development process,” argues Raymond. “Bill Gates is wrong.”

A slate of Danish opinion leaders with respect to open source participated: Knud Erik Hansen, former MP from the Danish Social People Party; Kim Østrup, associate director at IBM Denmark; Mads Bryde Andersen, professor of law at Copenhagen University; Allan Jensen, partner at Siticom Fischer & Lorenz; Michael Reich, CEO of Tele2; Børge Klit Johansen, general secretary of the Danish Christian Peoples Party; Jesper Laisen, vice chairman of the Danish Free Software Association; Søren Alain Mortensen; project leader at the Danish State’s Information Agency; Peter Toft, chairman of SSLUG; Peter Møller Christensen, journalist at Børsen; Thomas Mygdal-Madsen, founder of Reboot and Protein and Nikolaj Nyholm, CTO and co-founder of Ascio Technologies.

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