In a period where

In a period where funding for Internet start-ups is scarce and the term incubator is banned from the vocabulary of investors, two experienced Danish business men have founded Venture 112 (great name by the way!). The company is focused on helping entrepreneurial companies that are in crucial stages of development and growth. Typically, Venture 112 works with companies in need of active guidance related to key business issues or newer companies aiming to secure early stage capital investments. Does this sound like old news from a pre-dotcom bust era? Maybe so, but seeing is believing. One of the founders – Morten Steen-Jørgensen – whom I as legal council already have worked with on several deals – has an impressive record of building and growing companies. Barely 2-3 months into their existence, Venture 112 has amassed an impressive amount of deal flow and even successfully exited a couple of deals already. Venture 112 will shortly become a brand name among Danish entrepreneurs, I am sure!

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