One of the headline stories

One of the headline stories at today’s Danish version of Computerworld is that the Danish IT-security Council (IT-sikkerhedsr├ądet) will shortly run out of government funding and thereby automatically discontinue its work. Bad idea! IT-security should more than ever top the agenda and private businesses and government, and the IT-security Council has managed admirable since its start (I cannot remember at what year the council was set up) to give citizens, business and government competent and independent advice on different issues surrounding IT-security. For instance, the IT-security Council has maintained its position that citizens should have the right to privacy through strong encryption also in times where government has wanted to curtail this right in the name of better law enforcement. I sincerely hope that the new minister of Science, Technology and InnovationHelge Sander – finds and allocate the means for the IT-security Council to continue its work.

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