Board member (again) at OSL

(Re-elected OSL chairman Morten Kjærsgaard and re-elected board member Jens Knudsen of IBM at the 2008 annual meeting)

Back in 2003 I was one of the co-founder of the Danish Open Source Vendors’ Association (OSL). I was member of the board from the beginning but stepped down a couple of years ago due to time contraints. At the latest annual meeting of OSL last week I was fortunate to become elected anew for a two years term at the board.

I plan to be very active at the OSL board this term and hopefully make a difference on a couple of matters or projects and then I will step down again.

[My friend and client at BvHD, Niels Hartvig, the genius behind the Umbraco platform, does not agree with on the merits of OSL. He thinks that the association is not trustworthy (in Danish). Obviously, I do not agree with him.]

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