Book review: "Ringmar takes self-righteousness to extremes"

A not so positive review of Erik Ringmar’s A Blogger’s Manifesto by Christopher Howse: A Blogger’s Manifesto: By so many, to so few in the Spectator.

First I must say parenthetically, for those who take no cognisance of such things, that blogs are no more than diaries that people post up on their own websites, hoping that some desperate wanderer or other in cyberspace might like to read them.

Hmmn, Christopher Howse semms to have a very simplistic view of blogs.

The world had 70 million bloggers last April, and the number may have doubled since then. Britain now has four million bloggers. Most blogs are read by fewer than 10 people a day. Only 10 per cent have more than 100 hits a day. You’d reach a wider audience if you photocopied a few sheets of paper and left them on the Underground.

Okay, then. 4 million blogs multiplied by 10 people a day gives 40 millions readings a day of just British blogs. That is lot. The Lobdon tube would become very messy, if 40 millions let alone 4 millions photocopies were to be left there for people to pick up and read every day.

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