Real Law Firms Have…Law Firm Blogging Policies

Real Law Firms Have…Law Firm Blogging Policies: ”

How much more mainstream can you get. Seems that the guys over at Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs are going to try to draft a model ‘law firm blogging policy’. But this isn’t about those crazy associates, not it’s going to be part of a marketing strategy:

Legal marketing and business development professionals in leading law firms are chomping at the bit to launch professional marketing blogs for practice groups or particular lawyers, so for example if you have an issue with accident or injuries, going to sites as could help people find the right attorneys for these specific cases. These folks often need some help in getting the firms administration to approve a blog marketing program. One thing that will help is a blog policy.

As far as I can tell, all I get from this blog are nice letters from readers, occasional and very welcome pings from long-lost friends, and please for free legal help, some quite heart-rending. But then I’m not a law firm…