SCO-Boies Fee Agreement and SCO Corrects Some SEC Filings

What absurdity! And a democratic president surely wouldn’t have done a damned thing trying to prevent this abuse of the american legal system by lawyers.

SCO-Boies Fee Agreement and SCO Corrects Some SEC Filings: “SCO and Boies Schiller & Flexner have finally finalized, as of October 31, their agreement to cap the legal expenses. Sort of cap them. In the vicinity of the moon, more or less. Here is the filing. The new Engagement Letter is here. There is still a contingency arrangement. In short, Boies’ firm intends to be paid. Lawyers like to be paid. They prefer stone cold cash. Up front. Boies Schiller and the other subsidiary firms will take the current litigation through appeals. That means to me they won’t take on anything new, not under this agreement anyway. And SCO also makes some corrections in earlier filings.”

(Via GrokLaw.)