"Farvel til Krønikesamfundet"

I have always had this aversion against the 68’er generation of left-wingers. You know these righteous guys who believed in all the good ideas back in the late sixties and early seventies. The same people who were willing to sell us to Pol Pot or Enver Hoxha and who today are sucking out the last drop of blood of our welfare state from their entrenched positions in universities and government institutions.

Maybe my antipathy dates back from my days as a kid in Danish public school when I was taught a bunch of mostly irrelevant stuff about such thing as Russian peninsulas and Guinea-Bissau freedom fighters by mostly incompetent radical teachers.

However, enough of these bad vibes. One of the people who has really been able to make appreciate all the good things coming out of that period way back and really have me look at my own generation in a more critical way is Danish writer and commentator Ole Grünbaum. I liked very much his books on the digital darwinism and tekno-fetichisme. Now Ole is releasing his new book titled (in Danish) “Farvel til Krønikesamfundet – fortællinger fra den danske metropolis“. I am recommending it even before I have had a chance to read it!