Boing Boing has a linking policy

Funny comment on the infamous practise by certain web-sites to tie linking to their web-site to accepting certain “license terms”:

Boing Boing has a linking policy: “Cory Doctorow:
After years of making fun of “linking policies” that set out the terms under which a website can be linked to, Boing Boing has decided to create a linking policy of our own. Here it is — now, abide by it!

Boing Boing doesn’t believe in linking policies. They’re dangerous, have no basis in law, and they break the norms that make the Web possible. They’re a wicked, stupid idea.

That said, if you believe in linking policies —
that is, if you believe that people who make websites should be able
to control who links to those sites and how — then have we got a policy for

No site with a linking policy (other than a policy such as
this one, created to deride and undermine the idea of linking
policies) may link to Boing Boing. Ever.

(Via Boing Boing.)